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During my professional life, I have already sold clothes, worked as a photographer, journalist, publicist, waiter, bartender and even had a job in a chocolate factory. During this process, I realized that it is by making mistakes that you get where you want. And these failures necessarily imply experimenting. My interest in education, communication and art brought me here, a portrait still under construction.


I work as a journalist, educator and writer. I have a master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and Ethics from PUC-SP and a speciality program in digital business from the University of California - Berkeley / B.I International. I have lectured and taught in more than 15 countries and 10 foreign universities, have published 4 books, and participated in more than 15 others.

I am currently CEO and founder of ZeitGeist Education and consultant in the area of ​​media education at UNESCO headquarters (Paris, France), where I served for two terms as director of the global alliance in the subject. Besides, I write monthly articles for Revista Educação, and in the audiovisual field, I host the TV show "Idade Mídia" on Canal Futura. In short, I dedicate my professional life researching and, mainly, implementing projects based on education around the world, communication and innovation in companies, schools and governments.

Since 1999, when I helped found Cidade Escola Aprendiz (a case of innovation at Harvard University), I decided to act on the nuances and opportunities of these fields. It all started after a sabbatical in London, where I entered in contact with the BBC, and I realized that it would make a difference if I worked hands-on to transform education in Brazil.


My work as a journalist and educator led me to the subject of Education and Media. Before that, as a journalist, I covered the subject of education for the main communication vehicles in the country, such as Estado de S.Paulo, Editora Abril, Editora Nova Cultural and Trip magazine, among others. In the last fifteen years, I helped found 3 NGOs and two companies, including the CEP Network (Communication, Education and Participation), supported by UNICEF.


In addition to being an entrepreneur, I am a consultant, I give lectures, classes, design and implement projects, write books, articles; to sum up, I develop transformative education for governments, companies and third sector organisations, in Brazil and abroad.


Currently I also serve as a member of the advisory board of Educamídia, a training program in media education at Instituto Palavra Aberta and, as a member of the advisory board of IC4ML (International Council for Media Literacy - US), and as a member of the advisory board of the international network DCN (Digital Communication Network). In addition, I also serve as a member of the scientific council of the magazine Comunicar (University of Huelva, Spain) and as a member of the financial council of ABPEDUCOM (Brazilian Association of Professionals and Researchers in Educommunication), of which I am a founding partner.

You can find more details of my professional journey at my LinkedIn profile.

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