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Education is now a responsibility of educational institutions, but also of the media and the city, with its potentially educational and cultural places and platforms. Lifelong learning is no longer an option, but a necessity for citizenship, critical thinking and work.


For this reason, the so-called informal education, such as media, arts and entertainment, has a key role in the training of people in digital times and with excess information, such as those we live in.


I dedicate part of my life and work to develop “transmedia” projects and platforms that address the so-called “lifelong learning”.



Program on Canal Futura about the challenges of the universe of communication and education and learning in media times. A co-production with Canal Futura and Deusdará Filmes. The first season has 13 episodes. The second is in production and will debut in 2021.

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-06 a las 21.


How do the media impact the way we see the world? the wat we relate and society? the work? MídiaMundo is a web series created for YouTube, developed by journalist Maria Cristina Poli and me, and directed by Luciano Cury, which features 26 episodes addresding most different themes. A co-production of ZeitGeist and ABC da Notícia, with support from Educamídia (Instituto Palavra Aberta).

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Check out MIL CLICKS networks of content to develop media education in an innovative way. They are graphics, reports and short videos, for the Portuguese community, to be used at home, at school or any other learning opportunity. An international partnership between ZeitGeist and UNESCO headquarters (Paris, France) and the government of Sweden.

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