Zeitgeist consultoria Alexandre Sayad

ZeitGeist - Education, Culture and Media believes that education and must always be connected with the spirit of its time - this is the meaning of the term in German.


That is why it develops consultancy in the fields of education, culture and media - preferably providing the meeting of these areas. Elaborates, implements, monitors and evaluates projects that connect people, causes, brands and transformation.







Among twenty years of work with education, media and innovation, we have selected a few projects below:

     UNESCO (Headquarters in Paris, France): Consultation and international coordination of meetings to update the UNESCO Curriculum for Teacher Education in Media and Information Literacy.

     Roberto Marinho Foundation: Consulting on training project for teachers in the field of media education and hybrid education (Mooc).

     Colégio Bandeirantes: Development of media education projects (curricular and extra-curricular curriculum), news and consultancy in the area of ​​public and media relations. Creation of OpenCity, a community solution program in partnership with Harvard University and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

     MEC (Ministry of Education): Consultancy for the of Mais Educação program -after-school national public policy.

     Colégio pH / Somos Educação: Consulting, restructuring of the education curriculum and training of teachers for the construction of a contemporary institution.

     Concept School - SEB Institute: In partnership with Catraca Livre, a cultural and entertainment platform, we have developed a project with students for the construction of a community identity and media production. We also promoted a teacher training program for social impact with project-based learning (PBL).

     United Nations (UN): Elaboration of a online course on advocacy and public policies in the area of ​​media and information literacy. Mooc for the education platform Coursera.

      Atmo Group and Lourenço Castanho School: How to create a school that breathes the spirit of its time? We were responsible for the area of creativity and culture. We Developed teacher training, innovative curriculum elements, content creation and a media education course for students. We elaborated of training paths in a “lifelong learning” platform and interviews for the media program “LC Talks ”.